Collapsing on my living room sofa after a day’s long work…

I decide to check in on Muslim social media

(you know, to see what my fellow Ummatis are up to…)

Maybe I’ll stumble upon one of those daily Hadith reminders” I think to myself as I unlock my phone.

Logging into facebook, the first thing I see on my feed is a post by Imam X trashing Muslim men for being “too cultural” and “spiritually abusive” towards their wives.

Our Muslim community has a problem, and that problem is immigrant fathers and husbands spiritually abusing their wives…

The post has over 800+ likes with the usual “hijabi” mutabarrijaat, faces caked in clown-like makeup, leaving ‘heart’ and ‘hug’ emojis.

Not thinking much of it, I scroll further down my feed…

As I’m scrolling, I stumble upon a post by a seemingly bitter divorced single mom.

She’s complaining how “no Muslim man” measures up to her expectations, and how she’s been “wronged” by the entire male population because Pookie, the man she chose to procreate with, decided to run away for greener pastures.

Again, I shrug it off, “maybe it’s just a facebook thing, that all folks like to talk about is how all Muslim men are trash and all Muslim women are perpetual victims of cultural immigrant husbands and fathers”.

So I head to youtube…

Oh, finally! A video about increasing your Imaan! Just what I need.

Or so I thought…

Turns out it’s a video of 4 career spinsters with a Simp in the middle.

Their topic of discussion? How Muslim men need to “man-up” and marry women 15 years their senior “just like the Prophet (saw)”…

Women who don’t even measure up to a single strand of hair on the head of Khadija (ra)…

Women who, unlike Khadija (ra), unnecessarily delayed their marriages past their prime in pursuit of secular education and mixed-gender career spaces, probably engaged in zina too, and now want to prey on some innocent man and make him their beta buxx last-resort financial safety-net.

That can’t be right”, I thought.

So, I quit YouTube and logged onto twitter.

Let’s see how this one goes” I think to myself as I brace for whatever Muslim Twitter throws at me.

First few posts… nothing!

Alhamdulillah!” I thought to myself.

BAAAM!!! Seemingly out of nowhere…

A tweet by some Bitter Bint about how she used the legal system to financially ruin her ex husband and deprive him of his own kids because he decided to take a second wife.

Now I remember why I quit Muslim social media”, I reminisced as I closed all apps and shut my phone off.

Surely, this is all just social media drama!

Surely, no one talks like this in real life!

Surely, Imams in real life take a balanced approach to gender relations based on Quran and Sunnah and don’t make a punching-bag out of Muslim men in order to appease a crowd of bitter spinsters and single mothers!



*Next day at Jummuah Khutbah*

Masjid Imam: “Today, I want to remind all the brothers present here, that your wife doesn’t have to cook and clean for you! And you have to hire her a maid! Her money is her money, your money is her money! She can refuse you intimacy!

Oh, and BTW… Khadija was a see eeh ohhh

Our Mission

I’m sure you can relate to the above.

It’s why you’re here in the first place.

Because you notice the hypocrisy…

The double standards…

None of which has any basis within the Quran and Sunnah.

Simp Imams, duaat and community leaders placating to the emotions of entitled and bitter bints…

  • Bints, who aren’t even certain about what they themselves want…
  • Bints who, by their nature are prone to ingratitude and rebellion and therefore, constantly complaining…
  • Bints who are just as much victims to their own emotions as they make the rest of society when they’re given positions of influence and authority by these Simps.

While all along, the future leaders of this Ummah as per Quran and Sunnah, ie Muslim men, have been neglected, even undermined, by negligent community “leadership” and people of influence.

And as a result of this failure of Muslim community leaders and Duaat, you have an entire generation of extremely obnoxious, entitled, and aggressive Muslim career-spinsters and single mothers on the one hand, and an entire generation of borderline docile, passive, and unmotivated Muslim men on the other.

And then the audacity of these Simps and FemBints to say, “Muslim men aren’t “manning-up” to do their duty and lead the community…

Yeah, no kidding. 

Who’d want to lead a community full of entitled, ungrateful, and constantly complaining bitter single mothers and spinsters who only know how to vent their anger onto the entire Muslim male gender and never take accountability for any of their own life-decisions?…

A community of Simp Imams and Duaat who have established entire personal brands making Muslim men the focus of the ire of these bitter spinsters and single mothers and pocketing money in the process.

I can see why playing video games and consuming junk food looks appealing in comparison for some brothers (although that still doesn’t make them better options and you should still avoid them).

For a young man, there simply is no incentive to do better for the sake of a community that has made him a punching-bag.

And this is why we created Arise Muslim.

Arise Muslim is an independent media platform by Muslim men, for Muslim men, that focuses on modern issues and topics that are important to Muslim men like you.

We understand that the future of this Ummah lies in the hands of Muslim male leadership (as it always has and always will), and as commanded by our Creator Allah (swt) in the Quran, verse 4:34.

For this reason we seek to uplift, empower and motivate our brothers to always strive for excellence by bringing to light issues affecting Muslim men and the Ummah at large…

We want to be the platform that gives a voice to the concerns, struggles and achievements of our brothers like you.

While also calling out the Simps who’ve proven to be utter failures in safeguarding the best interests of the Muslim communities under their charge.

Not Another “Muslim Redpill Bros”

No, we’re not yet another platform promoting “Redpill” under the garb of “Sunnah Masculinity”…

We’re not about that here.

While the movement popularly known as “Redpill” certainly has brought to light certain injustices against men within society…

As well as highlighting biologically driven sexual tendencies of women, like hypergamy (the female desire to mate with men superior to themselves in all regards)… 

And how this female tendency has been allowed to run amok to perverted levels within the modern world…

And while neither of these facets of the redpill movement contradicts Islam per se

Ultimately, Redpill is a secular movement who’s foundations were laid by non-Muslims and therefore understandably it’s fundamental aims will be divergent from Islam, despite there being some overlap here and there.

Arise Muslim aims to address topics and issues purely from your perspective… the Muslim man’s perspective.

Our goal is to arm you with knowledge and information that will truly transform your outlook on life and give you an empowering understanding of major topics of interest as they relate to Muslim men.

So, we extend our hand to you: come join us on this journey and lets make positive change.

Arise Muslim Team


Addressing and discussing topics and matters important to Muslim men.


Empowering tomorrow's leaders by informing today's readers.