The Boomer Immigrant Muslim Father

Contrary to the false myth peddled by “Muslim” Feminists about the “angry” , “abusive” , and “controlling” Arab or South Asian immigrant father, the reality is many immigrant Muslim fathers are the exact opposite of these traits.

They were too loose with their daughters.

They allowed them to, heck even pushed them to attend secular universities and mix with kafir boys, learn kufr (evolution, Feminism, LGBT, secularism) and prioritize career over marriage until these bints were well into their mid-late 30s.

So whenever you hear some FemBint speak of the “horrors” of having an immigrant father, just know that more likely then not it’s only a caricature of her subconscious imagination courtesy of the racist colonial propaganda against Muslim men (majority of whom are brown and black men) that she’s been exposed to since childhood up until university.

All those years of Disney and Hollywood and it’s White-washed portrayal of romance + the decades of CNN, BBC and Fox News racist propaganda against Muslim men + the subversive university curriculum (for all the “Muslims” who worship universities) did a number on the minds of these Muslim women.

The reality is when you look in the Western Muslim diaspora there is a massive disproportional number of unmarried Muslim women who are either well past their child-bearing years or are well on their way to joining that club.

These women’s fathers didn’t care to prioritize marriage and motherhood for them.

Nor did they prioritize actual Islamic knowledge (not the Simp Imam “version”) for these women.

On the contrary, these immigrant fathers allowed these women to do whatever, as long as they themselves were in the dark to the reality of what these women were up to or exposed to.

But once these boomer fathers reach grandpa age without any grandchildren to preoccupy themselves with, they then wonder why no decent man wants to marry their old 35+ years daughter(s) with her book-shelf full of PhD’s.

Sorry, but not sorry, gramps. You set yourself up for this one.

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