Muslims: The Original “Passport Bros”?

Recently a trend of Western men going abroad for relationships has exploded in popularity to such an extent that this phenomenon has been given it’s own name, “passport bros”.

Previously mostly confined to internet forums for expat communities, this trend is now even being spoken of by many big name social media influencers popular in the marriage / relationship-sphere.

For those who don’t know what a “passport bro” is; it’s basically a Western man who’s fed-up with the entitled, narcissistic nature of Western(ized) women who on top of suffering a mental disease called Feminism, may also be carrying a collection of STD’s from a body-count higher than a thermometer of numerous previous partners.

But Muslim men were already ahead of the game, or to be more precise, Desis are the original ‘passport bros’, because I don’t recall this phenomenon of marrying ‘back home’ being as prevalent amongst other Muslim immigrant communities within the West, at least not to the extent Desi men were / (still) are doing it.

Every generation of men would go back home to find a wife; a loyal, obedient and loving traditional woman raised with her father in her life, taught to be obedient and respectful of male authority and to prioritize her husband and children.

Even second and third gen sons would go back home to get a wife.

Because men intrinsically know which kind of woman makes a best life-long partner, and it’s definitely not the aggressive, bitter, entitled, “I-don’t-need-no-man-but-will-still-marry-him-for-his-finances”-type Western(ized) bint; the university FemBint activist, the “I-don’t-have-to-cook-for-you” shaykha, or the bitter single mom on facebook who constantly complains no man meets her inconsistent fantasy expectations.

But one problem I’ve come to notice is most of these men who’ve married back in their home countries and brought trad wives from abroad ended-up raising their own daughters in the West to be the exact opposite of their trad wives and exactly like the feminist women they avoided marrying.

This is a problem that the current and new generation of Muslim passport bros must strive not to repeat.

We must raise our daughters to be trad women and our sons to be trad men, and spare the next generation of this Ummah the confusion and aimlessness that we’re exhibiting in so many people from our generation.

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