Misyar: The future of Muslim marriage in the west?

Misyar is a form of marriage where either one or both parties surrender rights and obligations of a traditional marriage.

(yes, it’s completely halal, but most scholars don’t recommend it)

As technology continues to advance and more jobs are being replaced with robots.

And as more women continue to become financially independent under the banner of Feminism…

The result is that the vast majority of the male population will continue to increasingly become financially obsolete.

And therefore, financially unattractive to the vast majority of women who have their own sources of income.

And this is already happening in the West but also within the Muslim countries as well as Feminism and female empowerment are aggressively promoted.

You have to understand, that the two major reasons why women married men in the past was for financial and physical security.

Meaning, the average man’s ability to be the sole provider, protector and shelterer of a woman was what made him attractive  to his average female counterpart.

As Muslims, we know this from the Quran where Allah (swt) states that men have authority over women because they protect and provide for them.

With women no longer needing to rely on men for these things, women’s reasons for pursuing marriage (or any kind of relationship) with men have also changed.

And because of women’s biological drive to procreate with men superior to themselves (hypergamy)…

And the average man not having anything  unique to bring to the table anymore…

This leaves women pursuing just a tiny minority of the top elite men of society for qualities that make them stand out from the throng of average man.

In the kuffar context, this manifests in the form of a few men enjoying non-committed, casual-only sexual access to hundreds of women per man over the course of a year, thousands over the course of a few years even.

In the Muslim context, at least for those who still wish to keep it halal, this most likely will take the form of Misyar marriage.

Because conventional marriages are no longer incentivized socially, culturally, economically, or politically.

Women naturally detest male authority if they can get away with surviving without it… and having their own financial independence allows them to do this.

On the other hand, wealthy and powerful men have a lot to lose in conventional marriages through divorce courts and legal regulations, so they too avoid marriage or any conventional relationship with women.

This leaves only casual encounters or no-strings-attached marriages as the only other options.

The strong independent woman gets to fulfill her Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy with that “above-average” man all the other women are falling head-over-heals for, but without having to commit to him or live by his rules.

And the elite man gets to have his chance at sexual variety with more than one woman without having to financially commit his precious resources.

Marriages of pleasure and indulgence is what will remain. 

I suspect that this will cause a massive decline in the Muslim birth-rate within the next 10-15 years as female financial freedom completes its inroads within Muslim majority countries.

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