His Muslim GF – A Short Story

“I’m sorry Chase, but we can’t continue…”
He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His Muslim girlfriend of 5 years was breaking it off.

“But Amira, what’s changed? Why now?!”

The two of them stood there in the university dorm room…

The very room in which she lost her virginity to him, and all of those subsequent nights they spent together throughout the last six years of university.

“I’m getting old, and it’s about time I start thinking about marriage”, exclaimed Amira. The appearance of distress on her face clearly giving itself away.

“Are they pressuring you again?” Chase asked, remembering that she had complained in the past about her parents introducing her to men of her community for marriage.

“No, it’s nothing to do with them… it’s just…”

“Spit it out Amira, what is it?”

“I don’t see us being together anymore beyond this point Chase… you’re an Atheist and I’m a Muslim woman and…”

“But I thought we were past that Amira?” exclaimed Chase before she could even complete her sentence.

“All this time me being an Atheist wasn’t an issue but now all of a sudden it matters?”

“Besides, you even said you didn’t want that kind of backwards life like every other woman from your country!”

“I don’t, Chase. But I also don’t have a choice. You won’t even pretend to convert for me. My family would never accept our relationship, and even if I wanted to run away with you I couldn’t because you’re still studying and neither of us are financially ready yet.”

“I… I just can’t wait any longer, Chase. I should be a mother by now. I want stability and security. You were my first one and we had alot of fun, and I will always remember the amazing moments we shared together, but I just don’t get why you can’t fake convert for my sake at least, Chase.”

He stood their gazing at her as she wrapped her Hijab around her head like she’s done every Friday before heading back to visit her family for the weekend.

“I can’t do it Amira. I can’t fake being a Muslim. I cannot live a double life and pretend to be someone I’m…”

“But I can?!” exclaimed Amira before Chase could even finish his sentence.

“I can have sex with you every Friday morning before class and then be home at my parents in the evening praying behind my father, but you can’t even as much as utter a few words for my sake and pretend to be a Muslim?”

“Am I something of pleasure and leisure-use for you that you expect me to bend to your every whim but not even return the slightest favor or sacrifice on your part??”

She began to sob.

The gravity of his words struck Chase.

He could see it in her tear-swelled eyes that living this double life had taken a mental toll on her these last few months.

Amira really had changed alot for him. She really loved him. And she proved it.

The shy ethnic Hijabi girl he first met in biology class who was so timid and shy to talk with men, had with his words and his guiding hand now matured into a completely different person from the one he first met.

In the last five years since they met, he’d seen her go from wearing a Jilbaab and no makeup to now wearing body-hugging clothes that revealed her shape in all it’s feminine glory, to going to bars and experimenting with different alcoholic beverages, to spending the night at his dorm room smoking weed after a session of doing the ‘deed’ together, and then visiting her family on the weekends, presenting to them the appearance of an innocent practicing Hijabi Muslim girl.

“So… who’s this guy your parents want you to marry?” Chase inquired.

“Abdullahi” said Amira as she wiped away tears from her eyes.

“Your second cousin?!”


“He’s the one who’s completed his residency, right?”


A brief silence ensued

“But I thought you found him to be unattractive and backwards in his mindset? You even said he is “too religious” for you?” said Chase as he broke the silence.

“He definitely is, and I’m not fully convinced about him, but like I said, you won’t even convert for me, and you’re also still studying so my options are limited. He has a financially secure future going for him, and I’m approaching my thirties. I can’t keep postponing having a family of my own.”

“Marriage and kids, huh?” Chase muttered.

He couldn’t wrap his mind around why people still believed in antiquated traditions and “sacred vows”.

Why people still believed in religion and having kids.

Don’t they know kids are bad for the environment?

Don’t they know religions cause wars??

Don’t they know that religions oppress women by imposing rectrictions on their sexuality???

“If you just want kids, then we can easily adopt a few from Africa. Beats bringing more humans into this earth and increasing humanity’s carbon footprint.”

He could never get behind a religious cause. But an environmental one? He was  fanatically committed in this regard, because to him, you can measure air pollution and the environmental impact of humanity’s presence.

But God? Heaven? Hell? You couldn’t “measure” those.

Those were nothing but “oppressive concepts” created by the oppressive Black and Brown men to keep their women in chains.

“Are you for real right now, Chase? I want my own kids, my own bloodline. I want comfort and security and commitment. If you’re not willing to give me any of these then leave my life!”

And like that, their five year relationship came to an end.

Amira and Chase did not see eye-to-eye on matters that mattered most.

Things that went skin deep.

The time they had spent together was nothing more than a fleeting moment.

Sure, she still had Abdullahi to fall back on, even though he gave her the ‘icks’.

But for Amira, Abdullahi was “too predictable”, “too standard”.

And if she had it her way, she’d rather reverse and replay the last five years over and over again, to be forever trapped in that timeline of experiences Chase had given her.

The thrill of breaking every barrier ever placed upon her with a man who, she even now within her heart of hearts, viewed as her savior, her liberator, still drove her crazy for him.

But alas, age was catching up with her.

And that one advantage she had to secure a “good man” (aka, a sucker) was closing.

So, as much as she detested Abdullahi, it was her time to bite the bullet so to speak.

And bite the bullet she would.

But at least her heart was content with the fact that the best of her was given to Chase who’s memory will forever be imprinted within her mind.

“But you will always be at the back of my mind, Chase. I won’t forget the fun we had, and how you gave me experiences no Muslim man ever will”, she thought to herself as she trudged past all of their favorite campus spots they had spent time in together.

  >> Fast forward 6 months >>

As he was scrolling through his Facebook feed, Chase stumbled upon a video shared by an aquaintence, the captions of which read:

“Alf mabrook to my Somali soul sister! Girl I knew this day would come!!”

It was a clip of a Amira who Chase at first did not recognize due to her makeup. With her was a man clad in a tuxedo and after the first few seconds it dawned upon him that this was her wedding.

The comments under the post appeared to be mostly from female friends and family of Amira and read as follows:

“Wow, she looks soooo beautiful! He’s such a lucky guy!”

“Ma baby sista, u deserve to be spoilllled, mabrook habibti!!!”

“She is such an angel! He could not have asked for a better woman!”

Chase couldn’t help the smirk forming on his face.

But even he had to admit, Amira looked stunning, and judging by the wedding hall, her dress, the makeup, and the throng of women and children all decked out in nice clothing for the occasion, this was no cheap affair.

“Abdullahi must’ve really dug out his wallet for this one” Chase thought to himself.

At one point Abdullahi was holding Amira’s hand…

The same hand Chase remembered her pleasuring him with.

That expensive dress she was wearing? It was covering the same body he got to enjoy and ravage for 5 years.

The only difference being, that unlike Abdullahi, he didn’t have to spend a single penny to have his way with her.

But Abdullahi? After wedding expenses + mehr + honeymoon, he’s gonna have to bear her financial expenses for the rest of their married life.

“Pity the fool who pays full price for left-overs from another man’s half eaten free meal”, Chase muttered.



You see, Amira was a Muslim girl at university.

A daughter of Somali immigrants who arrived to the States in the 90’s, her father Abdi was your average immigrant taxi driver who worked 12 hour shifts a day, 7 days a week to support her and her siblings and send the rest of the money back home to support his ailing parents.

Abdi didn’t want his children to suffer the “struggles” he went through in Somalia, and so he pushed Amira to get into medical school and become a female doctor:

“I will be the first Somali man from my village who’s daughter became a doctor!” he thought to himself.

But what he didn’t realize was that her becoming a doctor would come at a hefty price.

That price being her imaan, her free mixing with kuffar men and as a result indulging in zina, her learning kufry ideas like Feminism, Dawrinism and evolution.

But hey, she’s a female doctor now at least. That in itself will get her into Jannah, according to Westernized “Muslims”.

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